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Waylanders count on Carmine

When Waylanders need help, we can count on Carmine. Let's make sure he can count on us.

Wayland's outstanding and progressive State Representative Carmine Gentile is fighting a re-election challenge from a right wing candidate. If you've ever attended a Wayland Democratic meeting, a monthly Mel's breakfast, or many Town of Wayland events like Touch-a-Truck or the Domestic Violence Vigil, you know Carmine. He shows up for us.

How does Carmine show up for women?

  • He is a fierce advocate for women's reproductive health (while his opponent vocally rejects the ROE Act and its protections for women).

  • See Carmine's podcast with the Red Cloaks:

  • Carmine filed and passed legislation to test, track, and report on sexual assault kits which had been neglected for years!

    • Carmine secured $8 million to centrally store the kits, cover the cost of testing, and guarantee appropriate funding for the program within the Executive Office of Public Safety.

How does Carmine show up for students?

  • When the legislature debated the Student Opportunity Act, a bill to update and transform public school funding, Carmine secured critical school district reimbursements for special education transportation.

  • Carmine works every year with local districts to understand and advocate for the needs of our students in Wayland.

How does Carmine show up for seniors?

  • Carmine is a leader in protections and services for seniors, including his recent leadership in raising wages for elder care workers in Massachusetts.

This is a small sample of his stellar track record, which also extends to environmental protections, small business supports, and more -- to provide security and hope for so many of us and our most vulnerable family members, neighbors, and friends.

Carmine has been standing up for us. Now it's time to stand up for Carmine.

Wondering how to help?

First, email to request a Carmine sign. His campaign is looking for more locations! Your yard looks perfect :)

Second, write a letter for Wayland Crier, Sudbury Crier, our Wayland Dems website, and any group you belong to in the area. 

... For example, does your local gardening group know that Carmine advocated so that Russell's Garden Center could open their outdoor business during the pandemic?  Not sure how to get your letter started? Email us for help!

These actions are simple. Let's start today.

And please let us know how you are pitching in!

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