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Team Becca!

A message from Wayland's State Senator Becca Rausch

This is a really difficult moment in our nation’s story. Tuesday's so-called debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump demonstrated the severity of this moment, as the current occupant of the White House not only refused to denounce white supremacy but rather directly incited violence from a known neo-fascist hate group, refused to state that he would accept the results of an independent certification of the upcoming election, and would not even engage in a mature, civilized debate. 

This November, our planet, our health care, our rights, and our democracy as we know it are on the line. For everyone reading this who is angry or fearful for the future to come, know that I see you, I hear you, and I'm right with you. I too am deeply concerned, but I promise you, whatever happens in Washington, I will continue fighting to advance intersectional justice, safeguard our elections from illegal interference and enhance ballot access, promote health care and reproductive freedom, and protect our democracy right here in our Commonwealth. It’s what I was sent to Beacon Hill to do, and I will not let you down, particularly amidst this national political crisis. 

We've got serious work to do, but I need your help. Phonebank with us! (See: Write letters to the editor! Talk to your friends and neighbors about the stakes of this race! I will never stop pushing for progress, but I can't do this without your support, time, and treasure. 

As always, if you or any of your loved ones in my district have fallen on hard times during this pandemic, please do not hesitate to reach out to my State House office. My office line is 617-722-1555 and my State House email is We are here to help.

A reminder from Wayland Dems:

Wayland has, for the first time in decades, progressive representation in our state senate. Becca has been a human rights, environmental justice, and community-centered champion for our town and our state. NOW is an essential time to step up and keep her in office, fighting for you, me, and our most vulnerable residents.

For more information on Becca's legislative accomplishments, please see

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