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Becca Rausch: Moving Wayland Forward

Finally! After years of wishing we had a progressive voice representing us in our state senate, Becca Rausch won a hard fought seat in 2018 to be our district's State Senator. She is the first Democrat in a looonnggg time, and only the third woman ever to hold that seat.

Let's hold onto our progress!

Becca is facing a hard fight ahead, but she -- with our support -- is ready as ever for the challenge. Let's not forget how much road has been covered in TWO SHORT YEARS! Becca already has sponsored bills on:

  • Expanded voting access... Massachusetts wants it and Becca is fighting for it. Did you receive an application for a mailed ballot in July? Her advocacy is moving the needle.

  • Homelessness and universal preK -- what do these have in common? Becca has sponsored bills to support the dignity and needs of our most vulnerable community members, from addressing racial disparities in maternal mortality to broadening transparency and data on vaccinations for our public schools.

  • Building energy standards... Becca has sponsored legislation aimed at making the places we live and work better for our environment and our community.

And this barely scratches the surface. So what do we do right now??

Re-elect Becca Rauchs as Wayland's State Senator!

2. Phonebank for Becca! Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 - 8PM and Saturdays at 2PM. Stay as long as you like, and get trained if needed. Register for phonebanks or other volunteer opportunities:

Want to hear more from Senator Rausch?

You can get live updates from the Senator via Twitter (@BeccaRauschMA) and Facebook (@BeccaRauschMA).

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